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Stillpointe was born out of a desire to take original and existing music and simply make it the best it can be. Coming from a variety of musical interests, the band takes the very best from various genres -- including originals -- and delights in honing them to perfection. And it all starts from that beginning point that all musicians know -- that point where there's just you and the music: the Still Point.

David Figge

Electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, keyboards, vocals, backing vocals


David lives in Bellevue, and has been playing music since he was 12. His favorite musical genres include acoustic/folk music, folk/rock, rock, and blues. David is a programmer and instructor, and enjoys working in photography.

Pete Moore

Drums, vocals, backing vocals


Pete lives in Bellevue and -- in addition to his music -- has a mobile dental practice treating handicapped and elderly patients in King, Pierce, Snohomish, and Kitsap counties.  

Tom Lynch

Electric and acoustic guitars, wind controller, vocals, backing vocals


Tom lives in Renton and works in the airline industry. In addition to learning new musical instruments, Tom also loves to get away for the weekend in their RV. Tom particularly enjoys folk and folk-rock music!

Duane Dunn

Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, backing vocals


Duane lives in Bellevue and enjoys boating, computers, working on his house, and (of course) music. Duane particularly likes country and country rock music

Ed Leonard

Bass guitar, backing vocals

Ed started playing guitar at the age of 33 and has enjoyed it immensely. He is a practicing physician in Bellevue. He plays bass whenever he can, but particularly enjoys jazz, blues, and R&B. 

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